Attire, Swim Diapers & Towels

  • Swim diapers
    In compliance with the Washington State Board of Health code:

    • Swim diapers and protective vinyl diaper covers required for infants and toddlers.
    • Swim diapers and protective vinyl diaper covers are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk.
    • Staff will be enforcing the requirement that all children wearing diapers must also wear a protective diaper cover (plastic pants with tight fitting leg openings).
    • Please remember to change diapers only in diaper changing areas provided in the locker rooms.

    Guests must bring their own towels.

    The Snohomish Aquatic Center encourages guests to maintain an appearance that is not disruptive, distracting, nor offensive in any regard and to wear attire that does not present health or safety concerns. Accordingly, Snohomish Aquatic Center staff may restrict appearance and attire with special consideration for those specific issues. These guidelines are meant for example purposes and may not be inclusive of all expectations.

    Not permitted

    • Clothing and jewelry that carry sexual, vulgar, or offensive messages or references, including pictures of the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and gang affiliation.
    • Any apparel item that can be used as a weapon.

    Required in aquatic areas

    • Proper swim attire is required in the pool and spa areas.
    • We recognize our guests’ needs to observe not only from the lobby, but also from the pool deck. Spectators can watch from the pool deck, but for safety reasons are required to sit on the provided benches/bleachers at all times. This allows us to maintain safety for our swimmers and staff, while recognizing our guests’ needs to be closer to those they are observing.
    • FlowRider rules:
      • Female guests are highly encouraged to wear a one piece swimsuit.
      • No jewelry of any kind (including watches, rings, earrings) is allowed.

    Please see our General Policies and Rules.