Registration: Understanding Math and Science Options

  • A very common question we hear during registration is "which science class should I take?" Due to the state's new adoption of standards (next generation science standards), the science department aligned all classes to the minimum concurrent math requirements. Please see the Course Description Book for specific information such as pre-requisites and grade-levels allowed in each course. A complete table of recommendations is available in the Course Description Book

    Please note that it is recommended that students take Biology or AP Biology before taking the Biology end of course exam, which is typically taken in spring of 10th grade.  

    Here is a simplified version of the recommendations for 9th grade students:

    If you are in this math level = these are your science class options

    • All math levels = Integrated Science
    • All math levels = Introduction to Agriscience
    • Algebra 1=Integrated Science
    • Algebra 1 with a "B" or better in 8th grade science = Biology or Animal Biology
    • Geometry = Biology or Animal Biology
    • Geometry with a "B" or better in 8th grade science = Chemistry
    • Algebra 2 with Trigonometry or higher = Biology or Animal Biology
    • Algebra 2 with Trigonometry or higher = Chemistry