Facilities, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields & Property

  • The Snohomish School District believes that district facilities and grounds are a community resource. Our facilities not only include our schools and buildings, but also include our playgrounds, athletic fields, parking lots and the Snohomish Aquatic Center.

    Our facilities are typically available for community use before and after the school day and when such use is not in conflict with school operations and board policies. With exception of coordinated facility use and rentals, our district and school playgrounds, athletic fields, parking lots and property are closed for public use at dusk and may be locked. If you witness vandalism or inappropriate activity on our property after hours, please call 911. Our district's Operations, Grounds and Maintenance Department can also be reached at 360-563-7230.

    Gyms, cafeterias, fields, conference rooms, libraries and performing arts centers are all available for community use at nominal fees to cover costs. Fees are charged on a scale depending on the specific facility and the renter. The lowest fees are charged for non-profit organizations sponsoring activities for children and youth. For more information on facility use and rentals, please click here.

    When using our facilities and grounds, please note the following:

    • Crime, vandalism and other inappropriate activity will not be tolerated.
    • Dogs and animals (with exception of service animals) are not allowed inside schools and buildings or on school property and athletic fields.
    • Alcohol, tobacco and firearms/weapons are prohibited on all property.
    • Fireworks and fires of any type are prohibited.
    • District athletic equipment is for district/school use only.
    • Trash cans are located on all school property. Please use them to dispose of your waste and help keep our facilities and grounds clean.