Attendance Procedures & Definitions

  • The goals of the student attendance procedures for grades 9-12 are:

    • To allow students to have a positive and rewarding experience in school while holding students and their parents responsible for attendance.
    • To provide an efficient record keeping system for staff and students.
    • Classroom attendance is a priority; therefore, students are expected to attend daily unless there is a legitimate reason for the absence.

    Absence definition: A student who misses ten or more minutes of a class is considered absent.

    Excused absence: An absence will be considered excused when a written note or phone call is received from a parent/guardian by the attendance office within 48 hours of the absence. Acceptable excuses for absences include illness, medical/dental appointments, family emergencies, and other events mutually agreed upon by parents and school officials. Students failing to follow through with ensuring their absences are excused may not earn credit for assignments completed, due, or assigned during the time of absence.

    Unexcused absence: An absence will be considered unexcused if a student fails to submit a note or parent phone call within the time limit, but otherwise falls in the category of an excused absence. We encourage students to submit late note or phone calls as this looks better in your record.

    Truant absence: An absence will be considered a truancy if a student is absent from one or more classes without a legitimate reason as determined by school officials.

    State mandatory attendance law - Becca Bill: According to RCW 28A.225, schools are required to petition the juvenile court on students who accumulate five unexcused absences in a calendar month or ten unexcused absences in a school year if the school district’s interventions have not been successful in eliminating unexcused absences.

    Attendance intervention (to include, but not limited): Computer-generated letters will be sent to the address listed on the emergency locator card following the 6th absence. Total absences by period will also be listed on every grade report. Computer-generated phone calls will be made each day to students with unexcused absences. Other interventions may include counselor or administrator conference, attendance contract, or parent conference. Parents/guardians and students may request attendance reports in the Attendance Office.

    Consequences: Skipping classes or having excessive unexcused absences will be treated as a discipline issues. Consequences may include, but is not limited to: detention, Friday school, attendance contract, parent/student/administrator conference, a complete of the Washington Assessment of the Risks and Needs of Students survey, meeting with the district's community truancy board or Becca Bill referral.

    School-related absence: School-sponsored and approved activities, including field-trips and ASB assembly planning, will not be counted in the student’s total absences, provided the student has contacted the teachers prior to departure and obtained teacher permission. When school-related absences begin to interfere with the successful academic performance or class participation of individual students, teachers are to refer the student to the counselor or grade-level administrator to assess priorities and discuss expectations for future absences.

    Pre-arranged absence/early dismissal: If a student needs to leave campus during the school day, the student must check out through the attendance office before leaving the school grounds. A note of approval from the parent (preferably before the school day begins) is required before the student is issued a pass to leave. Students who leave school without signing out through the attendance office will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Tardy procedure: Teachers will integrate a tardy policy into their course expectations. A copy of the policy will be included in the course expectations at the beginning of the semester. If a student is chronically tardy, the teacher will refer the student to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary action.

    To report an absence: Call you school's attendance phone line, 24-hours-a-day. When reporting an absence, please give student name, grade level, dates and times of absence and reason for absence.