Human Rights and Equity Team

  • "Racial equity is about applying justice and a little bit of common sense to a system that’s been out of balance.  When a system is out of balance, people of color feel the impacts most acutely, but to be clear, an imbalanced system makes all of us pay."

    ~ Glenn Harris, President of the Center for Social Inclusion

    The Human Rights and Equity Team will serve as the primary vehicle for learning about equity in our school district and recommending improvement in school district culture, policies, procedures, decision-making, financial and educational resources in order to better serve all people - with a special focus on addressing the needs of students, staff and community members who have been historically underserved. This team will identify ways to restore balance to our school district and the community we serve.

    To ensure that each student has access to the time and support necessary to access and surpass grade level learning, the Human Rights and Equity Team will identify racial or ethnic inequities and discrimination within the school district and recommend institutional change that addresses these needs.

    While inequities in gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability will be included in the work of the group, its primary focus will be on racial and ethnic discrimination.

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