CMS Library FAQs



    When is the library open? Our school library is open Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. The library is open on Fridays from 7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

    When can I use the library? You are welcome to be in our library before school and after school. The library is open for lunches if the OPEN sign (that you can see from the commons) is on. If a teacher has reserved the library, students dropping in to use the library will be limited.

    Do I need a pass to use the library? Yes! Students need to be sent to the library with a pass and a purpose. Students do not need a pass if their teacher has reserved the library for their class period.

    If I am a late bus rider, may I come to the library after school? Yes! We have an alarm set to make sure you get down to your bus before it leaves.

    How many books may I check out? Students are welcome to checkout 3 books at any one time. Prior to vacations, students are encouraged to checkout more books so they can spend their vacation time enjoying a book.

    How long may I have the books? Due dates for library materials are two weeks from the date of checkout.

    Are there fines if my books are overdue? No. But we will continually nag/remind you to bring them in.

    If I lose or damage my book, will I have to pay for it? Yes, there are fines for lost or damaged books. Students will be charged the amount to replace the book.

    How will I know if I have overdue books? Students can check their library account to see which books are due. Overdue email notices will also be sent to school email accounts weekly. Parent emails will be sent periodically.

    How do I check my library account? Go to our library catalog. Click the “log in” button in the top right corner and choose "SnohomishSSO" option. You can also stop by the library checkout desk for help.

    Can I renew a book if I do not finish it? Of course! Bring it in or log into your library account to renew it.

    How can I place a hold on a book? You may place a hold by logging into your library account and search the catalog. You may place a hold if the book is checked out. You are also welcome to stop by the library checkout counter and we can place the hold for you.

    Does the CMS offer any electronic books? Yes! We have access to hundreds of ebooks and audio books through two different sources: OverDrive and Follett.

    Do I have to checkout textbooks? Our students are lucky enough that we have enough textbooks that in most of our classes, we have a copy they can checkout to leave at home until June and still have a class set of textbooks to use in class. Students may use those textbooks to do their homework at home and not have to lug the books back and forth each day.

    What if I have two homes? If we have enough textbooks, students that go between two homes are welcome to check out a second set so they may have one at each household.

    I am in yearbook. May I checkout a camera? Yes! Students in yearbook are welcome to checkout a school camera. A reminder... the cost to replace a broken or lost camera ranges from $250-$475.

    I don’t have a printer at home. Can I print my assignment in the library? Yes! Students may drop by before or after school to log onto a laptop and print what they need for school.

    Can students have access to wifi? Yes! To access our school wifi, students need to log onto the SSD-BYOD network using their school email address as their username and with their password that they log onto school computers.

    How does the Power Bar work? Students are welcome to charge personal devices when they are in the library. However, students must stay in the library and not leave their
    devices unattended. Students will need to bring their own cords.

    May I come to the library for Patriot Period? Yes! Students must be signed up by their teacher to come to the library during Patriot Period.

    Other questions? Please drop by the library to ask us! We look forward to helping you!