Textbook Fines and Fees

  • Parents/Guardians of 2021 Seniors,

    This time of year for seniors can be confusing when it comes to textbook fines. Textbook fines for seniors come in two steps. If your senior already has any textbook fines they have been posted by the bookkeeping office. They can return these missing textbooks (which deletes the fine) to the Library Media Center, or pay the bookkeeper for lost textbooks by field day. These textbook fines are from previous years, or fines that have already been accessed this school year. Most of our senior students take care of these fines by field day when yearbooks are passed out to students who have no school fines. The confusing part comes the following week when current senior year textbooks go on the fine list. 

    Many of our seniors are taking year-long or 2nd semester classes in which these textbooks are needed for senior finals. These current class textbooks are moved to the fine list on Monday, June 3rd.  Seniors may continue to use these textbooks if needed for their finals, but they need to turn these textbooks into the Library Media Center right after their finals. Once all their textbook fines (and any library book fines) have been cleared the Library Media Center staff will sign their checkout form. Wednesday, June 5 during both lunches, seniors will exchange their signed checkout forms for graduation tickets. 

    If your senior panics TBD because they have new fines for current textbooks please let them know they can continue to use their textbooks for their finals, but the Library Media Center staff won’t sign their checkout form until all these textbooks are returned or paid for by Thursday morning. If they don’t need their current textbooks for finals, they may turn them in any time before TBD.

    Library Media Center Staff