Bond FAQs (school age, portables and security)

  • How old are the schools that are part of the bond proposal?
    The average age of the seven elementary schools in the bond proposal (Cascade View Elementary, Cathcart Elementary, Central Primary Center, Dutch Hill Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Seattle Hill Elementary and Totem Falls Elementary) is about 42 years old.

     Timeline of school and building construction and renovation

    Weren't the schools that would be replaced just built?
    Cathcart Elementary, Emerson Elementary and Central Primary Center were built in the late 1940s-1970. Seattle Hill Elementary, Dutch Hill Elementary, Totem Falls Elementary and Cascade View Elementary were built as pod schools (1982-1991) and were constructed for a 20-30 year lifespan. Not only are these schools not energy efficient, but the pod schools have virtually no wall insulation and have primarily residential-style classroom heating systems. Roofs are in need of replacement, and physical education spaces must be shared with lunchroom spaces. The construction of that time period no longer matches the safety conditions of today. Classroom spaces no longer meet current instructional standards. The new schools would be built to last into the 22nd century.

    What is the average lifespan of a portable classroom?
    A portable classroom typically lasts about 20 years and up to 25 years with aggressive maintenance. The district's portable classrooms at the seven impacted elementary schools are on average 21-years-old.

    How many district students have classes in portable classrooms?
    A quarter (25%) of district 4th through 6th graders are in a portable classroom. Forty-three are used for general education or special services instruction at the impacted elementary schools, while another eight are at Glacier Peak High School.

    What enhancements to school safety and security are included in the proposal?
    Upgrades to safety and security would be made at all schools throughout the district. Projects include:

    • Digital access control systems
    • New district wide radio system
    • Redesigned vestibules in secondary schools
    • New and upgraded existing camera systems
    • Emergency responder enhancements
    • Improved lockdown capability