Classified Employee Groups

  • Nine-month employees (180 days)
    This group’s employee calendar mirrors the student calendar with a few exceptions. The exceptions are the main office secretaries, they work an additional five days, classified nurses, they work an additional seven days and athletic trainers – their calendar is defined by the sports schedule but also follows the student calendar as well. The majority of nine-month employees start the first day of school and finish on the last day of school. On inclement weather days, they do not report to work as the days are made up at the end of the year. Positions who work the 176-day calendar are as follows:

    • Assistant Bookkeepers
    • Administrative Assistant, Special Services and Psychologists
    • Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning Services
    • Assistant Records
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Braillists
    • Bus Drivers
    • Career Center Assistants
    • Classified Nurses
    • COTAs
    • ECEAP Staff
    • Main Office Secretaries, Building Level
    • Main Office Secretary, Special Services
    • Interpreters
    • Para Educators
    • Security Monitors
    • SLPAs

    Ten-month employees (204 at Resource and Service Center and 209 days at buildings)
    This group of employees work all of the student days and more. They report to work the first day in September, work additional days during the student year, and additional days after students complete their year in June. They also return to work in early August, prior to the ensuing school year. On inclement weather days, they do report to work as the days that are made up at the end of the year are already work days for them. Positions who work the 204/209 day calendar are as follows:

    • Administrative Assistants to the Assistant Principals, Principals and Director of Alternative Learning (excludes Administrative Assistant to the high school principal)
    • Administrative Assistants to specific offices such as the Alternative Education/Online Learning, Athletics, Attendance, Career and Technical Education, Counseling and Special Services/Compliance.
    • Dispatch/Routers (some are also year round)
    • Middle School Bookkeepers
    • Registrars

    Year-round (260-day employees) work the fiscal year, September 1 through August 31
    This group of employees do not have the customary breaks of spring and summer break. Positions who work the 260-day calendar are as follows:

    • Accountants
    • Administrative Assistants to the Executive Directors of Academic Services, Teaching & Learning Services and Technology
    • Administrative Assistants to the High School Principal
    • Administrative Assistants to specific departments, Maintenance/Custodial,  Guest Teacher Services, Teaching and Learning Services, Special Services (Contracts and Grants), Student Enrollment Services, Transportation
    • Bookkeepers, High School
    • Bus Driver Trainers
    • Custodians
    • Courier
    • Dispatch/Routers (some are also 10-month employees)
    • Fiscal Technicians & Specialists
    • Human Service Technicians
    • Maintenance
    • Mechanics
    • Payroll Technicians and Specialists
    • Technology Technicians