• As news about the spread of COVID-19 continues to evolve, the SmartHealth team wanted to take a moment to assure you they will continue without interruption because they are committed to supporting your well-being.

    They have created new activities and adjusted others to offer you timely and relevant resources. Look for activities such as COVID-19 facts and resources, lessons on resiliency, and tips on working from home to help you deal with the changes to our normal routines.

    During this time of staying safe through social distancing, it also offers the SmartHealth Community Feed. Use the Feed to stay connected virtually with thousands of public and school employees across Washington State.

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    What is SmartHealth?
    SmartHealth is a free benefit for all SEBB members. Even if you waived SEBB medical coverage, you still have free access to this fun and easy-to-use online tool (website or app). Click here to learn more about SmartHealth for details.