Career Planner

  • Career Planner is our online platform for completing important elements of the High School and Beyond Plan. Each year, students are guided through counseling presentations including time to complete skill and interest assessments to aid in identification of career goals. The Career Planner online platform creates a portfolio for each student based on the assessments they take and the information entered. We recommend students complete interest surveys each year as their preferences may change over time. We also recommend that students record their experiences, recognitions, and compositions in their portfolio each year.

    Career Planner is accessible through HelloID or by logging in at 

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    Instructions to access Career Planner Resources:

    Learn About Myself Help articles include: Preferences Survey, Interests Survey, Skills Survey and Review my Traits

    Research Careers Help articles include: Career Search, Career Clusters, Occupational Personality Types, Career Profiles -- Basics, Duties & Requirements, Training and Wages

    Find Programs and Schools Help articles include: Program Search, Program Profiles and School Search

    Reality Check Help articles include: Step by step guide, Location, Expenses, Education, Occupation and Results

    Assemble My Portfolio Help articles to fill out a portfolio entry and uploading files to My Portfolio

Career Planner: Accessing through HelloID

Career Planner