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    • The Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program opens on July 1, 2021. The application can be found here and students are encouraged to apply as soon as the application opens. 
      • When students create their application accounts, there will be contact information for a WINGS technician according to their last name listed within the application directions. Encourage them to contact this individual with application questions for the time being!
    • If your student(s) have general or specific questions regarding the Air Force and/or Air Force ROTC program, I would encourage them to utilize the contact form on the Air Force ROTC website, or alternatively, contact their closest Air Force ROTC detachment. 
      • Please note, detachment staff may be limited during the summer months, as many are currently helping with summer training. Delays in email communication are to be expected. 
    • The Air Force ROTC brochure below, covers many of the questions your students may have. 

    Air Force ROTC - Your Personal Guide to Understanding the Program!

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