Use Google Chrome to Translate Webpages

  • Most screens on Skyward/Family Access, SafeSchools Alert Tip Line, and many other sites can be translated into more than 100 different languages using the Google Chrome internet browser. 

    Step 1: Download Chrome for free

    • If you don't have it already, download Google Chrome for free and follow the steps to install it on your device. Please skip this step if you already have Google Chrome.

    Step 2: Select your preferred language

    • The first time you use the translate feature in Google Chrome, you will need to select your preferred language from a list of options. From any page in Skyward/Family Access, SafeSchools Alert Tip Line or other sites, right-click and choose "Translate to English."
    • Click the three vertical dots and then click "Choose your language." Click the arrow to select your preferred language from the list of languages that appears.
    • Confirm your preferred language has been selected and then click "Translate."
    • The page will be translated into the language chosen.

    Step 3: Right click to translate each page you visit

    When you navigate to a new page within the sites, you will have to repeat this process again. After setting your language the first time in step 4, you should see the option to "Translate to [Language]" when you right-click. 

    You can change the language anytime by following repeating step 4 and choosing a different language. 

    Accessing Skyward/Family Access
    Open Chrome & Visit Skyward/Family Access

    Log in to Skyward/Family Access

    • Enter your login ID (user name) and password and then click "Sign In."
    • If you have forgotten either your user name or password, click on "Forgot Login/Password." Enter your email address or user name and click "Submit." You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password to the email address on file. 
    • If you need help accessing your Skyward/Family Access login information, please contact your school.