Grizzly Cubs Parent/Guardian Letter

  • Dear Grizzly Cub Parent/Guardian,

    Prior to your child being matched up with a Glacier Peak High School Grizzly Cub for the 2024-2025 school year, it is important that the following information be shared.

    This club is entirely based on participation. When you register your student, the expectation is that both the high school grizzly and the elementary cub attend ALL events. Family situations and schedules sometimes conflict, However, it is the responsibility of the high school grizzly AND the cub to communicate and let each other as well as the club advisor, Sheila Proctor-Long, know if they cannot make an event.

    If attendance becomes a problem for either the cub or the high school grizzly, the advisor, Sheila Proctor-Long will re-assign the cub/grizzly, so they can be placed with a cub/grizzly that will attend the events.

    There will be various scheduled events throughout the school year that will be sponsored by the Glacier Peak High School Associated Student Body (ASB). It is the sole discretion of the parents/guardians of all Grizzly Cubs members as to the activities in which their child participates. Transportation is also left up to the parents/guardians of all Grizzly Cubs members. Any arrangements made concerning non-sponsored activities and transportation arrangements for a Grizzly Cubs event will be left up to the discretion of the parents/guardians. No transportation is arranged through Grizzly Cubs except the high school Grizzlies going to the elementary schools to have lunch with their Grizzly Cubs. Under no circumstances are high school Grizzlies allowed to transport their Grizzly Cubs to and from events. High school Grizzllies are allowed to drive themselves to and from events.

    Communication is the most important factor in the success of the Grizzly Cubs program. It is vital that the high school Grizzlies and the elementary Grizzly Cubs communicate with one another.  Communication is a two-way medium and the responsibility of keeping in contact falls on both the elementary and high school Grizzly Cubs. Nobody wants a broken-hearted youngster to be stood up by their high schooler. And no high schooler wants to take time out of their busy schedule to show up for events and have their cub not show up. Phone numbers of the elementary Grizzly Cubs and the high school Grizzlies will be provided/exchanged so that communication can be established.

    It should also be understood that each Grizzly Cub relationship will vary in the amount of time that the two spend together. Some Grizzly Cubs and their high school Grizzlies will talk to each other weekly, while other Grizzly Cubs may only see and interact with their high schooler once a month at the scheduled activities. Parents/guardians, it is vital that you become involved in the Grizzly Cubs relationship so that communication channels and expectations are understood by all.

    Sheila Proctor-Long
    Grizzly Cubs advisor