College Visits

  • College visits will be in-person at SHS starting in September and continuing into November! These visits will take place during Panther Period and right afterschool in the College & Career Center, across from the library. It is suggested that you attend a college visit here on campus if the college you are interested in is visiting. By attending a college visit, you are not committed to the school.

    What is an in-person college visit:

    • The admissions counselor/rep from the college presents a short overview (20 minutes) of information about that college. They also bring pamphlets to share with students. These counselors are often the people reading your college is always a good idea to introduce yourself!
    • Students can just sit and listen to the information or they can ask questions. It is up to you.
    • Students of all grade levels can attend college visits.
    • Great way to find out about: the college's application process, what campus life is like, what to expect as a freshman and anything else you may want to know.



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