College Visits

  • List of College Visits 2023-24

    College visits will be in-person at SHS starting in September and continuing throughout the year! Most of these visits will take place during Panther Period and there will be an occasional class period, lunch or after-school visit, in the College & Career Center, across from the library. It is suggested that you attend a college visit here on campus if the college you are interested in is visiting. By attending a college visit, you are not committed to the school, and you can attend as many as you like.

    What is an in-person college visit:

    • The admissions' counselor/rep from the college presents a short overview (20 minutes) of information about that college. They also bring view books to share with students. These counselors are often the people reading your college application, so it is always a good idea to introduce yourself!
    • Students can just sit and listen to the information, or they can ask questions. It is up to you.
    • Students of all grade levels can attend college visits.
    • Great way to find out about: the college's application process, what campus life is like, what campus housing consists of, what to expect as a first-year student and anything else you may want to know.



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