Student Support Advocate

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    Hello, my name is Jason West and I am the student support advocate (SSA) at Glacier Peak High School.

    What is an SSA? Simply put, I am a case manager. I work alongside counselors and other staff to make sure that young people and families can overcome any barriers to their academic experience (think community resources). That is a very broad description because my job is very broad. Below are some examples of some types of students\situations I work with:

    • Homelessness/McKinney Vento
    • Students using drugs or alcohol
    • Students who are not safe at home
    • Students having thoughts of suicide (I am not a licensed therapist, but I will get these students to the right spot). 
    • Students who need health insurance
    • Students who need to see a doctor or mental health professional
    • Students and families who need any sort of documentation (ID, birth cert, social security)
    • Low-income barriers 
    • LGBTQAI+ resources 

    I work with students and families in a harm-reduction and strength-based manner to achieve goals that they have identified. If you are ever wondering if you should refer a student to me but are not sure, feel free to send me their name and I will sort out the details. It is never a waste of my time to meet a student-if they don’t need resources, they likely know someone who does.

    How to contact me (families and students)

    • In-person: My office is located on the third floor in the counseling office
    • Phone: 360-926-6003 (okay for staff, families and youth)
    • Email: