Health and Fitness Class

  • One semester for both 7th and 8th graders - This course is designed to improve the student's overall physical skills and knowledge by the presentation of both individual and team activities. Opportunities are provided to develop physical fitness, sportsmanship, recreational skills and appreciation for good health habits.  Health curriculum is integrated into the weekly physical activities for students to identify what they can do to achieve their healthiest self.

    Your student will be required to purchase a PE uniform (shorts/shirt) for this class.The cost is $15 for both ($7 shorts/$8 shirt). These can be purchased online or in person at school.uniforms are handed out in the first week of class for each semester. When you purchase uniforms online or in-person there is no size listed. The students will tell the teacher what size they need when they are handed out.

    PE lockers are also issued the first week of each semester.