Career and Technical Education Pathways (2023-2024)

  • What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?

    Hands-on learning, real-life skills, and career exploration. Career and Technical Education (CTE - formerly referred to as vocational education) prepares students for life and a career after high school. Apprenticeships, technical schools, community colleges, military or four-year universities are options that can be explored in our courses. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are taught in many of our CTE courses and include a blend of academic, technical and trade skills.

    High school reference sheets

    What will I do after high school?
    Apprenticeship examples:

    • AJAC-Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee
    • APPRENTI- Technology Careers Apprenticeship
    • Northwest Carpenters Institute of Washington
    • PUD Apprenticeship
    • Puget Sound Electrical JATC

    Two-year community college examples:

    • Everett Community College
    • Edmonds Community College
    • Shoreline Community College
    • Bellevue College

    Four-year universtiy examples:

    • Central Washington University
    • Eastern Washington University
    • University of Washington
    • Washington State University
    • Western Washington University

    One- or two-year technical college examples:

    • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    • Digi Pen
    • Bellingham Technical College
    • Renton Technical College

    Military training and resources

    • U.S. Air Force
    • U.S. Army
    • U.S. Coast Guard
    • U.S. Marines
    • U.S. Navy

    Welcome to the High School and Beyond Career Planner
    This program is available to Snohomish School District middle school and high school students through Hello ID. Learn about yourself, explore your career and training options, map your future, and track your progress as you complete your high school and beyond plan. You can also log in by using this link.

    Career and Technical Education Pathways
    What do you want to be?

    The Snohomish School District offers five major CTE Program Areas:

    • Agriculture and Science-Plant Systems, Animal Systems
      • High school
        • Animal Biology
        • Plant Biology- CTE Dual College Credit
        • Floral Design
        • Advanced Animal Biology
        • Advanced Plant Biology
        • Agroecology and Sustainability
    • Business and Marketing - Business Management, Marketing Management
      • High school
        • Microsoft Office Specialist-Word, Excel Certifications
        • Introduction to Business Management
        • Advanced Business Management
        • Business Math-CTE Dual College Credit
        • Personal Finance - CTE Dual College Credit
        • AP Economics
        • Law and Business Ethics
        • Introduction to Marketing - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Advanced Marketing - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Sports and Entertainment - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Entrepreneurship - CTE Dual College Credit
    • Business and Marketing - Information Technology (Computer Science)
      • Middle school
        • Computer Applications
        • Coding and Robotics
      • High school
        • Microsoft Office Specialist
        • Web Design - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Advanced Web Design
        • AP Computer Science Principals
        • AP Computer Science A
        • Publishing/GP Student Media
    • Family Consumer Science- Hospitality, Human Service, Design
      • Middle school
        • Family Consumer Science I
        • Family Consumer Science II
      • High school
        • Culinary Essentials I
        • Culinary Essentials II- CTE Dual College Credit
        • International Cuisine
        • Food for Active Body
        • Living on Your Own
        • Early Childhood Education
        • Child Development
        • Interior Design - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Clothing and Fashion
        • Advanced Clothing and Fashion
    • Health Science-Therapeutic Services ( Sports Medicine), Molecular Biology
      • Sports Medicine - CTE Dual College Credit
      • Advanced Sports Medicine - CTE Dual College Credit
      • Molecular Biology for Global Health-College in the High School
      • Advanced Molecular Biology For Global Health - College in the High School
    • Skilled and Technical-Manufacturing Design, Manufacturing Production
      • Middle school
        • 7th Grade Exploring Engineering
        • 8th Grade Exploring Engineering
        • 8th Grade Computer Aided Drafting
      • High school
        • CADD Fundamentals- CTE Dual College Credit
        • Advanced CADD/CAM I - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Advanced CADD/CAM II - CTE Dual College Credit
        • Shop 1- Shop Tech
        • Shop 2-Manufacturing Technologies/Core Plus
        • Shop 3- Fab Lab/Advanced Manufacturing
        • Welding Science
    • Skilled and Technical - Arts, AV Technology-(Visual Communications)
      • Middle school
        • Digital Photo/Media Productions
      • High school
        • Introduction to Digital Arts -CTE Dual College Credit
        • Digital Video
        • Photography-CTE Dual College Credit
        • Advanced Photography-CTE Dual College Credit
        • Computer Graphics

    Many of these offer Industry Recognized Certifications (IRCs) and CTE Dual College Credit which is formerly known as Tech Prep. The CTE Dual Credit program offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit for successful completion of CTE courses taught by certified high school instructors. Credits earned through CTE Dual Credit are transferrable to any community or technical college in the state of Washington. More information regarding CTE Dual Credit can be found on the SERS CTE Dual Credit website or ask your CTE instructor.