• State immunization requirements
    Make sure your child's immunizations are up to date! It is important to make sure your child goes to their regularly scheduled wellness appointments, which often include immunizations. The summer months are a great time to get your child caught up with immunization requirements before the 2023-2024 school year. Schedule your appointments early, as health care providers’ schedules quickly fill up in August and September. Make sure to turn in your updated immunization paperwork to the school by Wednesday, September 6.

    This reminder is especially important if your child is transitioning to preschool, kindergarten, or 7th grade, as each of these grades has additional immunization requirements. Please click here for additional information about state vaccine requirements.

    For an interactive Washington State Department of Health map of facilities enrolled in the State Childhood and Adult Vaccine Program, please click here.

    Every student enrolled/registered in school or childcare in the state of Washington must have medically verified up-to-date immunization records on file with the school in which they are enrolled/registering before the first day of school, 2023-2024. Medically verified immunization records include one or more of the following: