Free ACT Opportunity - Juniors

  • The Snohomish School District will be offering the ACT (American College Test) online free of charge for all high school juniors at the schedule below during the school day. This is an amazing opportunity for students to take a college entrance exam at no cost to families and for our schools to collect data that will help improve student learning. As a district, offering free ACT reflects our commitment to eliminating barriers to career and college readiness. Students testing at their high school will be registered by the district office. Therefore, you do not need to do anything to register your student for the testing session. Students who take the ACT outside of the district-hosted testing will need to follow the ACT National testing process on

    Large arena standard time ACT online days:

    • Snohomish High School - Tuesday, March 7
    • AIM High School - Wednesday, March 8
    • Glacier Peak High School - Thursday, March 9

    ACT accommodations

    • Please note that if your student is approved for accommodation, they will be testing anytime within the testing window (March 7-9 and March 14-16) at your student’s school, grouped according to timing code.

    The ACT is a leading U.S. college admissions test and includes tests in science, writing, reading, math and English. It is a curriculum-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college. It includes an Interest Inventory that provides students with valuable information for career and educational planning, as well as a Student Profile Section that provides a comprehensive profile of an examinee’s work in high school and his/her future. To learn more about the ACT, please visit

    Students who may need testing accommodations such as students with an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), 504 Plan, or specific health plans and students receiving English Language (EL) services, will be contacted by their special education teacher, counselor, EL teacher, or school nurse. For the accommodation request to be submitted to ACT on your student’s behalf, the request form must be filled out completely with parent/guardian consent, which can be done over the phone. For students on a 504 Plan, ACT requires a doctor’s note when requesting accommodation; if you do not have one on file with our district office, you will need to provide one. All accommodation forms must be completed by Monday, December 19. Please talk with your IEP/504 case manager.  

    Specific testing directions will come from your school site. For accommodation request questions, please contact your child’s school:

    AIM High School
    Elizabeth Harms

    Glacier Peak High School
    Brittany Elliott, Assistant Principal

    Snohomish High School
    Anne Tompkins, Assistant Principal

    To learn more about the ACT, please visit this link -