Strategic Planning

  • Background

    In fall 2022, hundreds of students, staff, parents/guardians and community members shared their voices through involvement in focus groups as part of the district’s strategic planning process.  

    • What is Snohomish School District doing well?
    • What could the Snohomish School District do to improve to meet the needs of our students?

    Input from those focus groups is a key component currently being used by a 26-member district Strategic Planning Committee made up of district staff, students, parent/guardians, community members, administrators, and School Board members. The 26-member district Strategic Planning Committee is currently collectively working to draft and present a five-year district Strategic Plan recommendation to the School Board in March 2023. Our district’s strategic plan will help us chart our course and will outline the goals for the future of the Snohomish School District. Once approved, the five-year Strategic Plan will be used to create a district action plan.

    The district focus groups and the work of the 26-member district Strategic Planning Committee was/is being facilitated by Mary Fertakis, an outside consultant hired to facilitate the process.  

District Strategic Planning Committee Members

    • Sarah Adams
    • Shaunna Ballas
    • Paige Buurstra
    • Erica Cenci
    • Elena Chen
    • Beth Cooley
    • Alice Dailey
    • Vanessa De la Torre
    • Samantha Dolan
    • Gabriella Gonzales
    • David Greene
    • Tori Hazelton - Snyder
    • Destini Hilton
    • Dawn Ipsen
    • Katie Larson
    • Ray Liao
    • Lisa Mahendran
    • Ashley Maphis
    • Francesca Mesneak
    • Doug Plucker
    • Marysa Popovic
    • Jeremy Reichelt
    • Dave Sage
    • Chris Scott
    • Linda Sparks
    • Emma Waltz


District Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Dates and Presentations