Give me a chance to ...

  • Literacy & Language Development
    Give me a chance to...

    Identify and Name Some Letters

    • Sing the ABC song
    • Play with letter magnets or puzzles
    • Look for letters in children's books

    Start to Write

    • Recognize and write my name
    • Pretend to write a list, note, card, etc.


    • Learn a rhyming song i.e. Jack and Jill, Hickory Dickory
      Dock, Itsy Bitsy Spider
    • Listen to rhyming books i.e. Dr. Seuss, Brown Bear,
      Pete the Cat

    Treat and Use Books Correctly

    • Hold a book and turn pages from left to right
    • Pretend to read the book and/or read the pictures
    • Talk about and ask questions about a book
    • Visit the library (school or public library, story time

    Communicate with Others

    • Greet others appropriately
    • Have a back and forth conversation
    • Follow verbal directions with two or three steps
    • Express

    Mathematics Development
    Give me a chance to...  

    1-1 Correspondence up to 10

    • Count out loud
    • Touch and count objects

    Basic Shapes and Colors Identification

    • Name a circle, square, triangle and rectangle
    • Find a circle, square, triangle and rectangle
    • Name the colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, white, brown
    • Find the colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, white, brown

    Sorting Collections by Attributes (Color, Shape, Size Purpose) and Number Attributes

    • Sort familiar objects (toys, balls, blocks, Legos, dishes, etc.) by color and size
    • Show you small groups of up to six items
    • Roll a dice and hand you that number of items
  • Physical Development
    Give me a chance to...

    Daily Living Skills

    • Dress myself
    • Open snacks and serve myself
    • Use the bathroom independently
    • Blow my nose and wash my hands

    Fine Motor and Hand Strength

    • Use school tools like pencils, crayons, scissors, glue and tape
    • Pull, push, grab, kneed, pound, stretch, pinch, and squish

    Gross Motor/Body Strength and Balance

    • Climb, run, jump, crawl, swing, throw, kick and bounce
    • Build and dig

    Social Emotional Development
    Give me a chance to...

    Display Independence

    • Follow daily routines and expectations
    • Try new and challenging things
    • Ask for help
    • Make mistakes and get messy

    Express Feelings

    • Feel and name my feelings
    • Struggle
    • Talk about feelings (yours, mine, and others
    • Break, take a break and move forward when I have strong feelings

    Build Relationships

    • Meet people my own age
    • Trust other adults
    • Solve problems with others (with support as needed)

    Build Flexible Thinking

    • Hear "no" and not get what I want
    • Problem solve
    • Share my ideas

    Give me a chance to...

    Sustain Focus and Interest in Lessons and Activities

    • Listen to a story and ask questions
    • Clean up my own messes
    • Complete a task from start to finish
    • Talk about how the world works

    Try More Thank One Way to Solve a Problem

    • Make mistakes and fix them
    • Express what I need
    • Share my ideas, and accept others' ideas
    • Wait and take turns

    Role Play Live Experiences Through Dramatic Play, Art and Construction Projects

    • Dress up and pretend to be something/someone else
    • Build my own creations
    • Draw, color, cut and create