Get your laptop ready for school

  • After your laptop is checked out:

    • Make sure your device is charged. It might need ot charge for about 10 minutes before it turns on.
    • Turn on your device.
    • Connect to wifi.
    • Login to the laptop using district credentials. Use the full email address (

    Troubleshooting tips:

    • If you’re unable to login, verify your district account is working by using a different device, going to the district website, and making sure you can login to HelloID. 
    • If the above step works, verify your district laptop is connected to a wireless network.
    • Reboot and try again. If this fails, you will need to get assistance the next time you come to school. Make sure you follow the next steps.

    Night before school:

    • Keep your laptop ‘on’ to let the battery charge and receive software and configuration updates.

    Morning of school:

    • Shutdown your laptop before you leave to save power.
    • Don't forget your laptop charger.

    When you get to school:

    • Make sure you are connecting to SSD-DEV or SSD-WIFI
    • If you are still unable to connect, use SSD-BYOD.