Child Safety Restraint Systems (CSRS)

  • Click here to view and download a handout on various Child Safety Restraint Systems (CSRS).

    Safety vest
    This is a school bus only CSRS worn as a vest. The child keeps this vest with them at school and home. A separate “cam mount” with connector clips is installed separately on the bus to clip into and
    tighten for a safe ride. This option is most frequently used as an anti-escape option, trunk support option, or next step after
    outgrowing the Besi Seat CSRS.

    • Weight range: 31-168 pounds
    • Height range: Any height

    Lap/shoulder seat belts
    A large majority of the Snohomish bus fleet is equipped with three point/lap-shoulder seat belts. These seat belts are worn by K-12 students and preschoolers over 40 pounds and 40 inches. The black or yellow plastic adjuster slides up/down for best fit over shoulder. Per WAC 392-145-021 Passengers in school buses equipped with seat belts shall be required to wear them properly adjusted whenever the school bus is in motion.

    Rear-facing car seat
    This CSRS must be used for any child 24 pounds or less. This is a regular vehicle car seat in the school bus used for our smallest students and those needing more recline, head, or trunk support.

    Additionally, an “infant car seat” for 4-30 pounds may be used (rarely) if supplied by the family and appropriate for the child.

    • Weight range: 4-50 pounds
    • Height range: Up to 49 inches

    Besi Seat
    This is a school bus-only CSRS and provides the common five-point harness support for preschool and elementary students on the bus. Used as CSRS until a minimum of 40 pounds and 40 inches, or kindergarten.

    • Weight range: 25-90 pounds
    • Height range: Up to 52 inches

    Forward-facing car seat
    This is a regular vehicle car seat in the school bus. It provides more side and head barrier/support for a student. Provides five-point harness support alike to the Besi Seat.

    • Weight range: 25-65 pounds
    • Height range: Up to 49 inches