What is the FlowRider?

  • This surf-simulation machine - the only of its kind in the area - crosses snowboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding into an exciting ride with plenty of challenges and a whole lot of fun!


    Our FlowRider technology uses 39, 086 gallons of water and flows at a rate of 326 gallons per minute to create an everlasting wave for guests to "hang ten" (in a shark-free environment). Rain or shine, FlowRiderSnohomish Aquatic Center FlowRider continues to produce the ultimate wave. You can perfect your style with practice, ride the tide on your belly, or pull up a chair for prime wipeout views.  

    How it works
    The FlowRider generates a thin sheet of water which flows over a hill-like shape in the form of a flawless ocean wave. The resulting wavelike shape and fast running water gives athletes of all ages the thrill of surfing. The FlowRider is a unique innovation in water rides that is fun for everyone from kids to adults, but especially for that 13-29 age group; those who are so historically hard to impress, but who become addicted to the thrill and challenge of riding the FlowRider.

    The FlowRider appeals to a variety of board-sports athletes – surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skim-boarding, skateboarding – and the learning curve takes time, but is steep as riders progress from riding in a prone position on bodyboards, to standing up on flowboards, to doing flip tricks. The first ride on a FlowRider can turn into a life-time addiction, as first-time riders become repeat riders, and repeat riders become lifetime loyalists.

    What is flowboarding?
    Flowboarding is a hybrid board sport, which has been evolving since the 1980s. The sport combines the progression, maneuvers, and skills from the core action sports of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding and to a lesser extent, wakeboarding and skim-boarding. These board sports have a strong influence on flowboarding’s direction, style, and energy. Amateur to top professional action sports athletes find flowboarding to be one more pumping board sport to fix their adrenaline needs, as well as an epic cross-over sport.

    Imagine not having to wait for swells or perfect surf conditions – not having to wait in a lift line or for a winter storm to cover your mountain. And, one of the best benefits - there’s no more cement to cause the dreaded “road-rash.” FlowRider provides an endless ride with the ability for athletes to perform a variety of skate tricks and carves. 

    The disciplines of flowboarding include stand-up riding and bodyboarding. While the core followers may be 13-29 years old, there are rippers of all ages world-wide. It is truly a versatile sport for all ages that can meet the diverse needs of each of its participants. While some of the more advanced riders are driven by adrenaline and trick progression, others find enjoyment in a ride grounded in exercise. From a kickflip to a rodeo flip, flowboarding is quickly progressing and gaining traction around the globe.