Internet Safety

  • Our dedication to digital safety and educational excellence
    At Snohomish School District, we are committed to ensuring a safe, secure, and educationally enriching environment for all our students and staff. This commitment is upheld through the use of a robust Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)-compliant web filtering system on all district-owned devices, both within and outside the district’s network.

    Understanding CIPA compliance
    CIPA is a federal law that mandates schools to protect students from harmful online content. Our web filtering system, aligning with CIPA, performs several critical functions:

    • Blocking inappropriate material: Restricting access to explicit, harmful, or inappropriate online content.
    • Aligning with educational goals: Filtering out websites that do not support our educational objectives and standards.
    • Maintaining learning focus: Limiting access to sites that could disrupt the learning process.

    Consistent protection across locations
    Our web filtering system provides consistent protection on all district-owned devices, regardless of location. This ensures that the same level of web filtering and online safety measures are active off-campus, maintaining a safe digital environment.

    Acknowledging the limitations of web filtering
    We recognize that no technology is completely foolproof. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of digital citizenship and value community feedback to inform us about any necessary adjustments to our web filtering system.

    Providing feedback and suggestions
    We welcome feedback from our schools through our tech support ticketing system. This input is vital for reviewing and adjusting sites to be blocked or allowed. If you encounter concerning content or have suggestions for enhancing our digital safety measures, please use the following channels:

    • Through our schools: Feedback can be provided directly to school administrators or district personnel.
    • Tech support ticketing system: For immediate concerns or suggestions, staff can submit a ticket through our technology support system (IncidentIQ).

    Your involvement is key in maintaining a safe and effective digital learning environment.

    Continuous review and collaboration
    Our Technology Department collaborates closely with our Teaching & Learning Services team to continuously review and refine our web filtering system. This partnership ensures that our approach is not only technologically sound, but also aligned with instructional needs and educational goals.