Central-Emerson Community (CEC)


    The Central-Emerson Community (CEC) is an essential part of the educational team. The CEC, which consists of numerous parent volunteers and also allows for teacher association and participation, works very hard to help to fund events and programs to assist students and teachers at Central Primary Center and Emerson Elementary.


    The CEC Board is as follows:


    Contact the Central-Emerson CEC at info@centralemerson.org or 360-453-7090.


    Click here to view the current CEC newsletter: CEC November 2016 Newsletter


    Our CEC is always looking for involved parents.  Please consider being a part of our wonderful community and becoming a volunteer for our schools!


    All volunteers are required to have a background check to assist at school or on field trips.  Forms for volunteering are available in the office and must be completed 10 days prior to you volunteering.


    Visit the CEC website at www.centralemerson.org to learn more.


    Watch D.O.G.S. (Dad's of Great Students)


    Two Top Dogs coordinate our WatchDOGS program - Chris LeRoux and Toby Weller. For more information about our WatchDOGS program or to schedule a day please contact Chris LeRoux at cleroux@sweeneyconrad.com. You may also call our office at 360.563.4600 and speak with Sarah between 8:20 and 1:30 to schedule a time or email her at sarah.sannes@sno.wednet.edu.


    WatchDOGS start each day with our crossing guard at 8:00 a.m.