Wet Weather Recess Information

  • Our philosophy for cold and wet recesses:

    • Students need a break from their school work.
    • Recess is designed to serve as a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon and 30-minute duty free lunch for staff.
    • Staff may choose to open up their room to students to stay indoors during recess either to complete work or just to stay inside.
    • Coats or sweatshirts are considered appropriate outdoor clothing at this time of the year.
    • Every student should wear his/her coat, sweater or sweatshirt outside.
    • Coats or sweatshirts will be required attire when the temperature is near freezing.
    • At the discretion of the recess staff, students not wearing appropriate wet weather clothing will be directed under the covered areas.
    • Umbrellas are fine.r Remind students about how and where they open their umbrellas and appropriate use of them.


    Consequences for choosing to get wet:

    • Being WET!
    • Students may call parents to tell them they got wet and ask for dry clothes to be brought to school. We do have some clothes in the clinic for emergencies, but selection and sizes are limited.
    • Natural consequences are that they stay in the wet clothes. If they make a mess in their room, they clean it up.
    • For chronic "swimmers", a note will be sent home about their recess behavior to be signed and returned to the teacher.