Standards-Based Report Cards

  • The whole idea of a report card is to communicate the degree of student growth and skill development. The Snohomish School District report card reflects many aspects of your child’s growth. We now have a “standards based” report card which is very different from a traditional report card, referencing a four point scale. A’s, B’s, 3.2, 4.0, etc are all marks that are a thing of the past for elementary students. The following scale is what constitutes a “standards based” report card:

    • 4 - Exceeds Expectations 
    • 3 - Meets Expectations
    • 2 - Working Toward Expectations
    • 1 - Below Expectations


    A student who is meeting expectation is progressing at a desirable rate. They have a good command of the concepts and skills at that grade level. We have found that many people want to equate this new system with the old, where an A is like a 4. That is not a useful comparison. Click here to view a document explaining in greater detail the difference between our report card and a more traditional one.