• The College & Career Center provides many resources to students and their parents on post high school college and career planning. Our resources cover information on:

    • Career exploration
    • College planning
    • College visits
    • College applications
    • Scholarships & financial aid
    • Employment
    • Sno-Isle TECH
    • Non-college options
    • Military visits
    • Resume writing & interview prep
    • ACT/SAT testing
    • ASVAB Testing
    • Work/School Authorization Form
    • And more!

    Patty StapletonCollege & Career Specialist
    Room B208
    Phone: 360-563-4045
    Fax: 360-563-4194

    CEEB School Code 481210

    Office Hours
    Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

    *The College and Career Center offers individual meeting for students and/or parents to discuss post high school planning.


  • In-person College Visits are Here!

    View the colleges/universities and the dates they will be at SHS!

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  • 2021 NACAC Virtual College Fairs

    Find a college for you! Attend a NACAC Virtual College Fair to connect with hundreds of colleges and universities from accross the US on each fair date! These college fairs are free to students. You can watch presentations and ask questions. Virtual fairs are listed below. To see a list of participating colleges or to sign up, go to virtualcollegefairs.org

    October 3 - Signature Fair, 10-3 p.m. PDT

    October 14 - Midwest US Fair, 2-6 p.m. PDT

    October 24 - Signature Fair, 10-3 p.m. PDT

    November 2 - Arts & STEM Fair, 1-5 p.m. PDT

    November 14 - Signature Fair, 10-3 p.m. PST

    On the fair date, just log in to attend Zoom sessions and ask your questions!

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  • How to Apply to College Guide

    This  How to Apply to College Guide is from Study.com and is full of information on everything that you need to know during this college application time!

    This guide includes:
    -An outline of the full college application process
    -Tips for completing the Common App and Common App essay
    -Interview tips and sample questions
    -College research and touring advice 

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  • College Application Deadlines
    Seniors, make sure you are aware of college application and FAFSA deadlines for the colleges you are applying to!

    Click here to view All Washington College Deadlines!

    Deadlines around the corner! 

    November 15 (regular admission): University of Washington, Northwest University

    December 1 : Gonzaga University

    January 15 : Seattle Pacific University

    January 31 : Washington State University Pullman (priority date), Western Washington University (regular)

    February 1 (regular admission):  Eastern Washington, The Evergreen State College, University of Idaho

    February 15 Cornish College of Arts (priority deadline)

    March 1 Central Washington University (priority deadline)

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  • Current Scholarship Opportunities

    "Scholarship Season" begins in December and continues through April/May. This is the time of year when an abundant amount of scholarships become available. That being said, there are always scholarships out there to be applied for. A few resources are listed below!

    Check out GearUp Washington....a Washington scholarship resource! this site is updated monthly with a wide variety of scholarships. Continue to check back monthly for their updates!

    Next, make sure you fill out a profile on the Washboard.org....this is the scholarship search engine. It can be updated whenever necessary. This is also the website SHS/GP/AIM use for Local Scholarship Program that opens in December. 

    For more scholarship opportunities visit  the SHS Scholarship page.


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  • 12th Year Campaign

    12th Year Campaign Junior/Senior Student Workbook

    A Guide for navigating the college admissions process & learn more about financial aid!


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  • FAFSA, FAFSA, FAFSA......Or WASFA, WASFA, WASFA!  Opens on October 1!

    Seniors, if you are applying to colleges/universities and tech/trade schools you should be applying for Financial aid. Financial aid is money that is available to students to help cover the cost of attending a college/tech or trade school (tuition, fees, books, room/meals, supplies). Filling out the 2022-23 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the best way to apply for financial aid. For most financial aid, a student does not need to know where they are going to school. The earlier you apply…….the BEST shot you will have at receiving the most financial aid.

    The FAFSA is the method the federal government uses to determine how much you and your family can afford to contribute to your education, and then how much in grants, scholarships, loans and work study the federal government will offer you the student. It is also how the college you will be attending, determines what need-based scholarships and grants, as well as loans and work study they can offer you.

    If you’re not eligible to submit the FAFSA and you’re a Washington resident (i.e. if an undocumented student), you can fill out the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA), which will be used instead to determine state and university need-based financial aid options.

    Biggest misconception is that students are not going to fill out the FAFSA, because they won’t be eligible for financial aid... this may be true regarding receiving aid from the Federal Government, but the FAFSA is used by colleges to determine Merit /Need-based/other scholarships. It's time to fill out your FAFSA/WASFA!


    Need help filing? Check out the Financial Aid page for more FAFSA & WASFA information!

    Additional resource is Filling out the FAFSA information Direction Page


    Complete Financial Aid Guide from Study.com

    Guide to FAFSA and Financial Aid

    The new COVID-19 stimulus bill included several notable changes to the FAFSA process, and we've included those changes in our in-depth, expert-verified guide which also offers information about:

    • The different types of financial aid available, including grants, loans, and scholarships
    • Steps for how to gather documents and fill out the FASFA
    • Expert financial aid advice for getting the most aid
    • Tips for how to successfully pay back student loans
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  • Financial Aid Presentation Recording

    Last year, the SHS Counseling department, along with the College & Career Center, recorded a Financial Aid and Scholarships Presentation.

    The recording is available on the Snohomish High School YouTube site. Here is the Power Point used in the presentation.

    Please contact the Counseling Department or the College & Career Center if you have questions!

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  • SAT/ACT Testing

    Washington’s 2-/4-year colleges have stated they will not use the ACT/SAT exam score for college admission or scholarships next fall. Some colleges have decided to drop the requirement going forward. This website includes a sortable list of all the test optional colleges in the U.S. This list is updated frequently.

    Please check the college's website that you are planning on applying to, to see if they are requiring one of these test for admission or for any of their scholarships. Deciding to take one of these tests is now truly the student's decision!

    Terms to know:

    Test Optional: Students may choose to submit test scores to strengthen an application. Submission of a test score does not disadvantage or advantage students in the admission review process if a student chooses not to submit. In place of a test score, students who choose to apply as test optional will be required to submit additional and alternative measures of college readines.

    Test Blind: Test scores are not looked at or considered at any point in the admissions review process, even if a student chooses to submit a test score. No additional, alternative measure of college readiness is required in place of a test score.

    Test Not Required: Test scores are not considered in the admissions review process, even if a student chooses to submit a test score. However, test scores are considered for placement, entry into Honors program, and/or scholarship awards.

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  • WATR Center (Aerospace Training and Research Center) Opportunity for SHS Graduates

    Seniors, if you have completed Shop Tech 1 and Shop Tech 2 Core Plus at SHS, then you have the option to test out of the Manufacturing Core Certificate, the prerequisite for all the WATR Center’s specialty programs. From that point, you can move immediately on to the Electrical Assembly Mechanic, Assembly Mechanic, Manufacturing Composites, or Tooling Mechanic. 

    Informational Flyer

    Virtual Info Session

    All Classes, 12 Week Preview

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  • Info on Cyber Security and Computer Science Degrees

    Are you interested in a career path in Cyber Security or Computer Science, this website and guide provides information about cyber security or computer science ....requirements of different programs, highly rated university programs in the field across the U.S., as well as scholarships/grants. It also lists the types of cyber security and computer science positions that only require an associate degree or minimal coding coursework, as well as positions for those who have a bachelor's or master's degree in the field. 

    Guide to Bachelor's Degrees in Cybersecurity

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  • Math Degree Careers Guide

    This guide covers information on job outlook, courses typical of the major, and scholarships.


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  • Free test preparation tools

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