Dress Code


    In accordance with Snohomish School District policy 3224, Glacier Peak High School adheres to the following standards regarding Student Dress.

    Students are reminded that their appearance significantly affects the way others respond to them. Matters of dress remain the primary concern of the students in consultation with their parents. Student dress shall not be regulated, except when there is a reasonable expectation that:

    1. A health or safety hazard shall be presented by the student's dress;
    2. Damage to school property shall result from the student's dress; or
    3. The student's dress or appearance shall create a material and substantial disruption of the educational process at the school.


    For the purpose of this policy, a material and substantial disruption of the educational process may be found to exist when a student’s conduct is inconsistent with any part of the educational mission of the school district. Prohibited conduct includes the use of obscene, sexual, drug or alcohol-related messages, or gang-related apparel. The uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations and clothing worn in observance of a student’s religion are not subject to this policy.