Dress Code

  • Glacier Peak strives to promote a positive learning environment and students should come dressed appropriately. Open stairwells, balconies and cell phones with cameras can lead to some embarrassing moments for those students who are inappropriately attired. By way of example, but not a complete list,

    Glacier Peak High School prohibits:

    1. Clothing that is revealing in nature – all undergarments should be covered.
    2. Shorts or skirts must be no shorter than mid‐thigh.
    3. Bare midriffs, low cut pants and low cut tops (shirt bottom and waistband of pants/skirts must be touching).
    4. Straps on shirts and tops must be at least two-inches wide (T‐tops, halter tops and tube tops are not acceptable).
    5. Any article of clothing that has excessive rips, tears, or holes.
    6. Any slogan or insignia that implies intimidation, graffiti, discrimination or ridicule.
    7. Any display of words, pictures, or references to alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, weapons or sexual innuendo.
    8. Hoods inside the building.
    9. Bandanas.
    10. Gang related are, accessories or emblems.
    11. Other items as deemed inappropriate or unsafe by staff and administrators.

    Students not meeting dress code will be asked to find more suitable clothing before returning to class. Progressive discipline will be followed for repeat offenses.