• Final 2nd semester transcripts will not be available until Monday, June 27. Seniors will be sent their final transcript to the school/entity requested in their senior survey.

    Please use this link to request your transcript: SHS Current Student Transcript Request Link. Transcripts will be ready 24 hours after being requested on school days.

    • Official transcripts will be in sealed envelopes with an embossed transcript inside. These are ready for students to address, apply postage and mail off for applications and scholarships.
    • Unofficial transcripts are available via email for students to use to review their high school records when completing applications and for submitting for Running Start, auto insurance discounts, uploading to college coaches, etc.
    • Final high school transcripts must be requested by Monday, June 20 to be sent to schools before Snohomish High School closes for summer break. Please use the Parchment link below if ordering after June 20 or if you prefer your transcript to be sent electronically (there is a fee for this service).
    • Transcripts are a legal record and will be kept for up to 100 years by the school and/or district.

    Transcripts for Snohomish High School alumni
    Snohomish High School has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcript securely. Current and former Snohomish High School students may request their transcripts from Parchment using the link below. Official transcripts via Parchment can be sent electronically to schools and employers. Please note: There is a fee for this service. Current students may use the "SHS Current Student" link listed instead.

    Click here to order your transcript.

    Please note: Diplomas are not kept after you graduate from Snohomish High School. To order a replacement diploma, you may contact Josten’s at 360-653-9102.

    Education verifications/third party requests are fulfilled by Parchment

    Click Here for Education Verifications and Third-Party Requests

    Registrar and Counseling office information and contacts