Dress Code

  • School attire should reflect respect for self, others, and the academic environment. Immodest or suggestive attire is inappropriate. Students not complying with the dress code will be issued a school t-shirt and/or school shorts. Repeated dress code violations are subject to disciplinary measures. Parents may be called to bring alternate clothing.


    Examples of inappropriate dress inside Centennial Middle School will include, but is not limited to:

    • T-shirts that advertise tobacco, alcohol or drugs.
    • Clothing or buttons sporting profanity, sexual innuendo or are in poor taste.
    • Halter tops, tank tops, half shirts or T-shirts that expose the midriff or chest. Sleeveless blouses and shirts must cover skin from the neck to the shoulder and must fit properly under the arm. Bra straps should not be showing. For boys, T-shirts need to be worn under sleeveless jerseys.
    • Skirts/shorts must be at least fingertip length and need to be hemmed, with no slits above fingertip
    • Hats – are not to be worn inside the building. For security reasons this includes headscarves and
    • bandannas, hoods, and sunglasses.
    • Clothing that could be perceived as "gang" related (bandannas, sagging, etc.)
    • Pocket chains, dog collars or heavy chain necklaces, and spiked jewelry.
    • Sagging and baggy pants that expose underwear or skin below the waistline are not consistent with the CMS dress code. Pants, not long shirts, must cover the indicated area. Pajama bottoms or soft-sole slippers.


    Remember: Health standards require that footwear be worn at all times.