• For the 21/22 School year we will not be issuing lockers except for in PE. 


    Lockers are issued at Student Start-Up in August. Remember - the school is not responsible for any lost articles or stolen items from lockers. This includes PE lockers. These guidelines should be followed after being issued a locker:

    • Keep your combination secret. Don't share it with your friends or let someone look over your shoulder while opening your locker.
    • Do not change lockers or use someone else's locker unless authorized by the secretary in the office.
    • Keep your locker locked at all times
    • Do not leave money or other valuables inside your locker. Lockers are not totally tamper proof.
    • Keep your locker clean. There will be periodic locker clean outs, and fines will be assessed for damage.


    Remember that student lockers are on loan to you but remain school property and are subject to search at any time if there is reasonable suspicion to do so.


    Book bags/backpacks of any size are to be kept in lockers. They are not to be taken to class except at the last period of the day.