Arrival & Dismissal Information

  • Below are some of our procedures regarding dropping off and picking-up our students. Our policy is to always put children on their bus home unless we have other instructions from the parent, either in writing or over the phone. If you or someone else is picking up your child every day, please send a note to that effect to our office. Also, we must receive a note or phone call from you if you want your child to do something different from their daily routine, such as a pick-up instead of riding the bus, riding a different bus, or getting off at a different stop than usual. We cannot take your child’s word for it - we must get that information from an adult.

    The arrival and dismissal procedures are the same ones we had last year. Please obey all traffic safety signs and directions, refraining from U-turns and backing up on the road or in the pick-up lanes. Staff will be out there to assist with the procedure - please follow their directions. Drive slowly and watch for children.

    You will see a yellow line painted in our front parking lot. The County has asked us to take measures to decrease the number of cars on the street in front of the school. The yellow line designates where two lines of cars will form in our parking lot. At the end of the double line of cars, we would ask for cars to take turns forming a single line moving forward to pick up/drop off their children directly in front of the school. This will help keep the lines from forming in the street.

    Vehicles will enter the visitor parking lot next to the administration wing. Please pull all the way up in the right lane before stopping to let students out of the car. Drivers must remain in their vehicles in these lanes. Students need to exit the vehicle on the side closest to the building and use a designated walkway, never walking in front of, behind, or between cars.

    Parents who want to walk their child to the classroom or office should park their vehicle in a designated parking space. Parking in the drop off lanes is not allowed. After parking, parents may walk their child using the designated crosswalks and/or bridge to the front doors of the school.

    School starts promptly at 8:35 a.m. Students should be in their classrooms and ready to learn at that time. Please do not drop your child off at school before 8:25 a.m. as there is no one available to supervise your child. 

    Students waiting to be picked up will gather in the pick-up area in front of the administration wing. Drivers must remain in their vehicles while in the pick-up lane. Parents wishing to leave their vehicle to pickup a child must park in a parking space to do so. Vehicles should pull all the way up in the right lane before stopping to pick up students. Students need to enter the vehicle on the side closest to the building and use a designated walkway, never walking in front of, behind or between cars. Once the student has loaded into the vehicle, you may pull into the left lane to exit when it is safe to do so. As cars exit, those still waiting for their child should continue pulling forward in order to keep cars off the street.

    Please review these procedures with your children.