Frequently Asked Questions

  • Snohomish School District offers courses designed to assist students in credit retrieval in the certain subject areas. Classes are taken on-line using the Apex curriculum, with certificated teachers monitoring each student’s progress. Enrollment for courses is available from September through February. 

    • Orientations - Tuesdays after registration is turned in or as posted. For new students/parents only.
    • Location -  Parkway Campus on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.
    • Classroom Schedule - Time and location posted by individual teacher.
    • Computer lab & Testing Schedule - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Tuesdays 3:30-6:30 p.m.
    • Once enrolled, visit to log on.

    How do I register?
    Complete application with all required signatures. A counselor’s signature is required to verify the student is enrolled in the correct course. Complete the internet usage form. A new form is required for night and for summer school.

    How much is it?
    The registration fee is $200 per course for credit retrieval beyond 6 period day and $350 per credit accrual beyond 6 period day. If it falls within your 6 periods there is no charge for the course. Make checks payable to Snohomish School District. Sorry, there are no refunds.

    Where do I turn in completed paperwork?
    Completed paperwork and fee may be returned to your school bookkeeper.

    How does a student know if his/her home computer is compatible with the Apex website and curriculum?
    Visit to verify compatibility. The website allows you to run a checkup and will direct you to safely download any plug-in software that might be required to fully access the curriculum. If your computer is not compatible or internet access is not available at your home, students can complete all requirements during lab hours listed below.

    When do the students get an Apex log in ID and password?
    All students are required to attend the first Tuesday after registration is completed for an orientation. We will send you a conformation of your registration IDs, passwords and other course information will be provided to students and parents at orientation. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Can a student complete all his/her course work at home, on his/her own time and schedule?
    Students can choose to complete their work at home on their own schedule or at the Parkway computer lab during lab hours. Although the vast majority of teaching is done via the computer, we have found that students are more successful if they blend the computer lessons with interaction with a teacher. Therefore, we do ask that all students visit the school lab to check in with their teacher, hand in work and/or get assistance with their course work.  In addition, some of the course assessments will require students to submit written work to their teacher and/or have an assessment proctored by their teacher rather than on-line. Students who are unable to meet the minimum requirement, should make arrangements with the teacher.

    When can a student get started and when does the work need to be completed?
    A student can start working from home as soon as they receive their ID and password.  

    Can a student take more than one course?
    We have had students complete more than one course.  However, we ask that students enroll in only one course to start. If the student completes the first course in a timely manner and the student, teacher and parent feels the student has time to complete a second course, we can register the student for a second course at that time. Please discuss each course the student plans to take with student's counselor to ensure the student is enrolled in the correct course. A second course costs $150.

    How are courses graded?
    Retrieval courses receive a pass/fail grade and will be entered on a student’s transcript. Accelerated or regular credit and AP courses will receive a letter grade.