2020 Summer School

  • Parkway Campus
    Apex Online Learning
    525 13th Street, Snohomish, WA
    Lab phone: 360-563-3421
    Program phone: 360-563-3401

    Doug Plucker, Principal

    Apex courses are semester long courses. They require the same dedication of learning time as a classroom course in which students spend nearly 90 hours, plus homework time, in a course. Online classes are not a shortcut to credit. Dedicated, intensive, independent learning is required.

    Summer Apex classes must be completed within the time frame of the summer session, July 6-31. Online support from teachers will be available from Monday, July 6 through Friday, July 31. Lab activity is TBD.  Orientation for new students will be sent as a PowerPoint presentation before students receive course access. Students will receive Apex user name and password via email. Students can begin course access beginning July 6, 2020.

    What to do:                                                                               

    • Contact your high school counselor by the end of the school year to complete registration process. 
    • All class fees need to be paid online through Snohomish High School or Glacier Peak High School.

    Lab information:

    • The Parkway Campus Apex office will take calls or messages, Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m.-noon , July 6-31. 
    • Parkway lab opening is TBD pending opening guidelines in July.