Parent Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Parent Drop Off

    While Dutch Hill is primarily a bussing school, many parents choose to drop off their children in the morning. To prevent having cars backed up onto the street, please follow these procedures when you drop off your child:

    • Please remember to be patient! The safety of students, staff and families while in and out of their cars is our main concern!
    • Students should arrive to class no earlier than 8:20 a.m.
    • Once you are in the parking lot, have your children be ready to exit, gather their coats and backpacks and say your goodbyes. If possible, have them on the passenger side for a quick exit.
    • Once you reach the first three spots in line, have your children exit and head straight to the sidewalk, so staff can cross them safely.
    • If you have parked, and you need to leave, you must wait until the drop-off area is clear. Our priority is to get kids to their classroom, to allow busses to leave and to keep traffic from backing up into the street and causing gridlock.
    • Please drive slowly and pay attention to families who are parking and entering the building.
    • Under no circumstances should students be dropped off on SE 84th Street or 131 Avenue SE and allowed to cross the street to the school.


    Parent Pick Up

    In order to accommodate the growing number of students picked up at the end of the day, we have made a few adjustments to our procedure. Students will now go to the gym for parent pickup at the end of the day. Parents should park and go to the gym through the double doors that lead directly to the gym. Please make contact with a staff member in charge, pick up your child and exit into the breezeway, then out through the new double doors to the parking area. PE is finishing up during this time frame, so please keep conversations to a minimum so the noise level will be acceptable!