Cathcart Civility Code of Conduct

  • At Cathcart Elementary, our mission is “working together to help every student become the best they can be in a safe, friendly, fun community.” To “work together,"  we believe practicing kindness and civil behavior creates a positive learning community. As a contributing adult member of the Cathcart learning community, I will do my part in creating an atmosphere of civility.

    We Work Together          

    • When I participate in creating an inviting, engaging place to learn, work and volunteer, I contribute to Cathcart’s success.  
    • If conflict occurs, I will work collaboratively to resolve issues through respectful interactions and considerate behavio

    We Respect Each Other

    • I will demonstrate trust and confidence in the professional expertise of staff members.
    • I will acknowledge the various parenting styles within our community, believing everyone operates with the best intentions.

    We Use Positive Communication

    • I will respect the dignity, diversity, and well-being of adults and students by putting into practice the Cathcart Elementary Top Ten.

    Cathcart’s Top Ten 

    • Listen
    • Think first, act second
    • Be respectful through tone of voice, choice of words and body language
    • Direct questions to the source
    • Communicate honestly with care and tact
    • Refrain from idle gossip or complaints
    • Maintain confidentiality
    • Respect even a subtle “no”
    • Be inclusive
    • Thank others and acknowledge contributions