• Christy Anana

    Hi! My name is Mrs. Anana. I am the School Counselor of Cascade View Elementary. I partner with you and your child's teacher to provide a positive, healthy school environment. What I want most for each person at our school is for them to feel happy and loved. We do this work together. Here is an article I was asked to write for the US Department of Education on how we can promote social emotional learning to help our students and our educators:


    As a school counselor, I provide classroom lessons to promote:  self-awareness; self-management; social awareness; relationship skills; and responsible decision making. We have lessons on how to handle our big feelings, get along with others, empathy, and the Peace Table. We do all kinds of fun things to promote these skills like Rainbow Dance, yoga, mindfulness, and how to do tapping. I also provide small group time for friends who can get support from each other about life changes. Peer mediators are a group in our school who are trained to help other students manage conflict resolution in a peaceful way. I can also work with your student individually. I am certified in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) which can be helpful in processing big feelings to feel better.

     School Counselor of the Year Award

    About me:  I've been a school counselor since 1997 and a teacher before that. In 2016, I was named Washington State School Counselor of the Year and was honored to be at the last speech that Mrs. Obama gave as our First Lady. My children attended Cascade View Elementary, and we were so happy with their education that I decided to come here too. I can literally walk to school (and sometimes bike). I love to write, to cross-country ski, and I enjoy paddleboarding on Blackman Lake.


    Please feel free to contact me, and we can work together.

    Email:  christy.anana@sno.wednet.edu

    Phone:  360.563.7008