Talent Show

  • On Friday, June 21 we will be putting on a morning Talent Show assembly. Tryouts will be held after school on Tuesday, June 4 in the Band Room. Students who make it into the show will be required to attend a dress rehearsal after school on Thursday, June 20  from 2:15 p.m. – 4 p.m. in order to perform at the Talent Show assembly on Friday, June 21. Only current Centennial Middle School students may audition. Non-Centennial Middle School students can participate only if pre-approved by the principal before auditions.

    We are looking for students who have talent to share either individually or in groups. Each act should be about 3 – 5 minutes long. Acts must be school and language appropriate, including dance music lyrics.

    Auditions will be scored, and acts will be selected based on the following criteria:

    • Preparedness indicating practice and effort. Being prepared means that you have any costumes, props or equipment that you'll need for your act at the audition. If you're a singer, your song is memorized and you have your accompanist or the karaoke version of your song with you. Background music of some kind is required for all singing auditions – no a cappella (voice only) auditions.
    • Stage presence and showmanship
    • Appropriateness for a middle school audience, including younger and older family members
    • Talent
    • Singers and dancers must bring a copy of the lyrics of their music to the auditions in order to participate.

    The scoring rubric is located by clicking here. Reviewing the information on it will help you with your audition.

    Due to time constraints, it may be necessary to limit the amount of acts accepted into the show. We are hoping the show will display a wide variety of Centennial Middle School talent.

    The sign-up sheet for auditions will be on the student counter in the main office the week before tryouts. Sign up for an audition, and be sure to let Linda Pilcher know before audition day if you will need any special equipment, such as a CD player, microphone or any other school-owned equipment. If you need your MP3 player for your audition, be sure it's fully charged. Rock bands, please bring your own equipment. We want the auditions to run as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about auditions, the dress rehearsal or the show, please contact Linda Pilcher at 360-563-4554 or linda.pilcher@sno.wednet.edu. Thank you for your interest!