Principal Eric Cahan

Principal Welcome

  • It is my pleasure to welcome you to back to our 2021 return to normal. It is both an honor for us to maintain the level of excellence that we expect to provide and that our school community expects and a challenge for us to return to a new normal. We have been able to keep and maintain our culture of excellence, despite not being on campus most of last year, but are excited to continue the traditions in-person- and in a safe fashion.

    As many of our staff are Panthers themselves, or have students who attend SHS, it is a personally enriching experience to provide our students a first-class college and career prep education. During this year we will work to provide you clear and consistent communication and continue to act as a partner in your student‘s education. Having a relational approach to educating our students is a cornerstone of our beliefs and values and is rooted in our belief that we are a part of the community and the community is a part of us.

    Lastly, we believe in the education of all kids. No matter how you look, your skill, your age, your race, your gender identity, or your background we believe all students have a right to a safe and excellent education. They deserve an education that helps them rise-up and create a vision for who they want to be in the world knowing they have the support of their school community. We believe through our updated procedures and policies, and our professional learning regarding civility and social justice, that we are progressing in the area of equity every year and every day.

    It is our pleasure to serve you, our neighbors and our community. GO PANTHERS!

    With Panther Pride,


    Eric Cahan