Building Positive School Climate

  • Snohomish School District is committed to creating and sustaining a community of mutual respect and value of each other. This requires intentional learning in the areas of empathy, compassion, relationships and situations.

    Based on parent and community input, our district has identified key teachings/themes of building a positive school climate.

    Empathy and compassion

    • Listening and attending
    • Recognizing feelings and emotions
    • Caring and kindness
    • Acceptance and diversity

    Relationships and situations

    • Conflict resolution
    • Friendship
    • Advocacy
    • Value and respect
    • Perspective

    The video below was taken at a student assembly at one of our schools. It tells the story of Nichols Eveland, a young man with autism, who helps show how a supportive school community enabled a sense of belonging among students. This illustrates the notion that it is easier to value others when you listen deeply to their stories. Our purpose is to create conditions and build relationships in which these types of interactions are the norm at all of our schools.