School Expectations & Student Responsibilities

  • Our Shared Expectations and Responsibilities
    Beginning in the fall of 2016, we are revising, updating, and evolving our school "rules" toward a restorative practice model of schooling. Whereas traditional student expectations meant adults in the school responded to student behavior (or misbehavior) by "doing to the student" in the form of consequences and punishments, a restorative model of citizenship relies upon the development of strong, caring relationships through meaningful, relevant, and purposeful instruction...or "doing WITH the student" to positively influence, guide, coach, and teach a way of being at school that is positive and restorative.

    No More Rules!
    Our students will be learning new language about how to be at school. We will not be focusing on rules for a very intentional reason. Rules are best applied to games because they are meant to control how one participates in the game. Rules in the larger framework of a school, with all the myriad and complex human dynamics that occur, do not suffice to handle all the different things that arise. This is why one finds more and more rules created and applied to help "control" learners in all situations. The fact is, one cannot account and plan for all the things that can happen; and all too often rules are inconsistently applied, if applied at all in some contexts, which only serves to confuse our kids thus rendering rules ineffective. So instead, we will be appealing to the "better angels" of our kids' nature by focusing on three simple yet profound and deeply meaningful expectations and responsibilities. At Cascade View, from now on, when these three standards are discussed and shared by our staff, they are known as expectation; our students will live them as responsibilities. Every possible scenario or "rule" that would be needed at school to grow a positive community can fit somewhere within these three responsibilities.

    Cascade View Student Responsibilities
    At Cascade View, and as a Thunderbird Hero, each individual, in order to create a place of magic, wonder, and compassion for all, will strive to meet the highest aspirations of:

    Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Each Other, and Caring for Our School & Community!