Swim Lessons

  • Online lesson registration available by clicking here.

    Our learn-to-swim program is designed to help guests of all ages and ability levels become safe and proficient in the water. Swim lessons at the Snohomish Aquatic Center:

    • Are FUN!
    • Serve all guests at any level - from those just getting familiar with the water to beginner swimmers to others with competitive aspirations.
    • Are tailored to teach essential water safety skills and logical swim skill progression.
    • Include opportunities for in-session advancement.
    • Work around busy schedules. We offer a wide variety of session dates and times.

    Swim lessons are available in group, private, and semiprivate formats. Classes are available for adults and guests with special needs.

    Parent/tot classes: Age 6-36 months
    Infant and toddler water adjustment classes enhance motor coordination, social skills, water adaptation and safety. Parents and children enjoy time together in the water.

    Preschool lessons: Age 3-5 years
    Starting with water comfort and safety and working up to independent floating and kicking with straight legs and introduction to arm strokes. Our preschool program is perfect for getting little ones on the road to being water safe.

    Youth lessons: Age 6-12 years
    School-age lessons begin by teaching basic water adaptation, comfort and safety while following a logical swim skill progression. Our program can progress all the way to competitive readiness for those who are interested.

    Teen lessons: Age 13-17 years
    These lessons provide opportunities for teenagers of all ability levels to learn and improve upon basic water safety and swimming skills while in a class comprised of others in their own age group.

    Adult lessons: Age 18 - ?
    Our adult lessons provide opportunity for adults of all ability levels to receive instruction tailored to their specific needs. Whether learning to swim for the first time, or looking to improve your technique, our instructors can help adults reach their goals.

Swim Lesson Make-Ups

  • Makeups are available for injury or illness only. (We do not offer refunds/credits.) Makeups can only occur in a class that already exists and adding a student will not put the class over its maximum allowable enrollment. Because our available space changes, guests are asked to check the day before they intend to come to make sure space is available.