• On your mark, get set... have fun! Think of the Wibit as a floating play structure. Our structure includes a swing, climbing walls, a jumping platform and slides all built in. The Wibit, which is located in our competition pool, is certain to entertain guests of all ages.

    General rules
    Applicable to all guests using, and all aspects of the structure.

    • Obey the lifeguards at all times.
    • Please refrain from hanging on the ropes.
    • All guests using the structure must be able to pass the competition pool swim test without a lifejacket.
    • Lifejackets are allowed on the structure, but all users must pass competition pool swim test.
    • Please remove necklaces, watches, rings and other sharp items before use.
    • Please do not swim under the structure.
    • Entry onto the structure is allowed only via the designated entry ramp, or the climbing portion of the action tower. Entry area lifeguard will signal when it is safe to get on the structure.
    • After exiting (or falling off) the structure please swim away from the structure. Please avoid any ropes, or exit areas of the structure.
    • Lifeguards have the authority to regulate traffic based on weight/usage.

    Action Tower XL (climbing tower) rules

    • Entry to the tower is from the junction in the middle, or the climbing wall.
    • Guests that successfully make it up the climbing wall are asked to exit via the slide, or the platform.
    • One person at a time on the climbing wall, and people waiting should not wait directly beneath the wall
    • Feet first/bottom down when going down the slide.  After sliding guests please exit the landing area-Feet first only when jumping off the platform.

    Swing/slide rules

    • Please take caution when waiting for or reaching for the swing handle.
    • Only one swing user at a time. Please ensure the water is clear before swinging.
    • If you make it across, please exit via the slide (feet first only).
    • After entering the water from the slide, please exit the landing area as quickly as possible.
    • If you fall into the water please climb onto the ramp or exit the structure as quickly as possible, so the next guest can attempt the swing.

    Flip/blob rules

    • Only one person can be ‘blobbed’ at a time, and only by one person.
    • Guests wishing to use the blob need to wait for the ok from the lifeguard.
    • After entering the water, guests should swim toward the wall, not towards the structure.