Student Mini Handbook 2016-2017

  •  Cathcart Elementary Student Mini Handbook 2016-2017

    "Working together to  help every student become the best they can be in a safe, friendly, fun community" 

    We want our school to  be  a great place for students to learn and  grow.  We believe  that this is best done in a safe, kind, respectful school where all  of the students are working together to become the very best that they can be. This little, tiny, mini-handbook is written to communicate as simply and clearly as we can what is written in the Snohomish School District Student/Parent Handbook.  


    1. Safe

    • If you feel bullied then report your concern  to a teacher, your parents or the principal now.
    • Don't bring weapons of any kind to school (not even  toy guns, knives, swords...)
    • No lighting matches, fires, lighters... (arson)
    • Don't bring or using alcohol, tobacco or drugs at school (medication can be taken in the Health Room with written permission from your parents)
    • No touching others in private areas.
    • Use the internet responsibly
    • Protect your computer log on and personal information
    • Don't use others' passwords

    2. Kind

    • Use polite manners like "thank you." "excuse me" and look others in the eyes when talking
    • No swearing or bad language
    • No fighting, tackling, kicking or hurting other people (assault)
    • Do not send or share hateful, harassing, racist, sexist or obscene messages

    3. Repectful

    • Don't act out or disrupt learning
    • Follow reasonable instructions from teachers and school staff
    • No stealing
    • Do not enter off limit areas of the school
    • No defacing or injuring school property (graffiti, tagging, breaking things...)
    • Do not modify or copy files/data of others without their permission
    • Students can bring a personal electronic device to school and are fully responsibility for the safety and security and use of the device. Must use only with the permission of the teacher.  

    4. Your best

    • Follow your teacher's directions
    • Work hard
    • Try, try, try
    • Work well with others
    • No cheating

    What if something bad has happened or you are uncomfortable or you need help?

    • You have the right to be safe, treated kindly, be respected and do your best.
    • You can stand up for yourself. You can stand up for what is safe, kind and respectful.
    • We all learn to talk, walk and tell. There is power in learning to stand up for yourself.  
    • You can tell a teacher, your parents, recess teachers, the  principal and we will help you.