Hall of Fame

  • Individuals may be nominated for the Snohomish High School Hall of Fame in the following categories:

    • Professional success in business, education or government
    • Humanitarian services, science or medicine
    • Athletics, arts or entertainment
    • Contributions to Snohomish High School (for non-Snohomish High School graduates)

    Inductees are selected from the group of nominees by a group of 11 committee members including the principal, athletic director, four current staff members, one current student, two community members and two retired staff members. Since 1994, dozens of honorees have inducted into the Snohomish High School Hall of Fame. The list of past inductees includes:

    Class of 1994

    • Howard Earl Averill
    • Earl Torgeson
    • Keith Gilbertson, Sr.
    • Cliff Bailey
    • Dr. Paul Hodge
    • Dr. Pete Van Soest

    Class of 2007

    • Dick Armstrong
    • Lawrence “Maggie” Bryant
    • David Eddings
    • Harold “Hal” Moe
    • Ed Peterson
    • Narda Pierce
    • Hon. Albert Ullman
    • Doris Wentworth

    Class of 2008

    • Stan Bates
    • Dr. Eldon Bell
    • Ray Johnson
    • Janet Kusler
    • George Moore 
    • Howard Raines

    Class of 2009

    • Eleanor Leight
    • Tom Lafferty
    • James Poier
    • Kirk Adams

    Class of 2015

    • Alfred Buck
    • Robert Cherry
    • Jack deKubber
    • Dick Rodland
    • Gordon Vickery

    Class of 2017

    • Tom Cable
    • Dr. Duane Clayton
    • Tuck Gionet
    • Curt Marsh
    • Everett Olsen
    • Dr. Cedric Tuohy

    Class of 2019

    • Milena Flores (Class of 1996) – First professional basketball player in Snohomish High School history, played basketball at Stanford University and later coached women’s basketball in the Ivy League.
    • Keith Gilbertson, Jr. (Class of 1966) – College and professional football coach, head football coach at the University of Washington and assistant coach with the Seattle Seahawks.
    • Kristin Hannah (Class of 1978) – Best-selling and award-winning author, has written more than 20 novels, movie rights have been sold for three of the books.
    • Ben Krause (Class of 1971) – Former athlete, teacher, and coach, current local business executive and humanitarian.
    • Stanley Soderland (Class of 1933) - King County Superior Court judge, oversaw the grand jury investigation of police payoffs in Seattle.