SafeVisitor Solutions

  • What is SafeVisitor Solutions?
    SafeVisitor Solutions is a visitor and volunteer management system developed specifically for K-12 schools and also used by districts in our surrounding area. This system is designed to strengthen safety and security in our schools and streamline the sign-in process. The system has been installed in all schools.

    Parents/guardians and prospective parents/guardians are welcome to visit our schools in order to promote communication and mutual understanding about student progress and the district's educational programs. Community members are also encouraged to visit. Such visits shall be consistent with the welfare of students and the orderly operation of the educational process.

    When will this system be available in my child’s school?
    This system is available in every school. We are committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors; a safe and orderly learning environment for students; and a safe and harmonious workplace for staff.

    What to expect
    When visiting or volunteering in our schools, you will no longer sign in on paper. Approved volunteers and visitors will scan their Washington state driver’s license in the office (or approved SafeVistor volunteer identification badge) before entering the building and will have their photo taken in the main office. All approved visitors and volunteers will be given a printed adhesive badge to wear throughout that day’s visit.

    Student pick-up
    Student pick up during the school day will also require an identification scan. Only those individuals on the student’s emergency list will be allowed to pick up students unless we receive other communication from a parent/guardian.

    What if I don’t have a driver’s license?
    Please check with school office staff. Other forms of identification may be accepted. While safety is of the utmost priority, we want our schools to be welcoming and accommodating to all families.

    Volunteers are valued partners in the education of Snohomish School District students. We encourage family and community members, as well as local businesses, to consider serving in our schools. Please click here to learn more about and complete the online volunteer application process.

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