Dress Code

  • We want our school to be a great place for all students to learn and grow.  While we believe that student dress is primarily to be determined between parents and students, our district policy 3224 requires that:

    1. Articles of clothing with designs displaying or advertising drugs, alcoholic beverages/insignias, sexuality, obscene images, or gang-related apparel not be worn at school.
    2. In addition, schools may regulate student dress if there are safety or health concerns, damage that may result from student’s dress, or the student’s dress or appearance creates substantial disruption.

    Based on #2 above, we respectfully request at Cathcart that:

    1. No masks or face paint that covers the student’s face be worn.
    2. No shoes with built-in wheels be worn.
    3. Shorts and skirts may be worn but should be at least mid-thigh in length (longer than the extended arm).
    4. Tank tops with spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, or cut offs or other apparel that exposes the midriff not be worn.
    5. Students should be dressed appropriately for cold and rainy weather, and should wear appropriate shoes on days when they are scheduled for PE class.

    This dress code applies during the school day and at all school events.